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The following terms and conditions govern your use of our site found at Your viewing or use of this site and its contents signify your knowledge and agreement on your behalf and of the establishment you represent (hereafter collectively referred to as “you”, “your”, or “the Company”) to the Terms and Conditions provided below. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you must not use our site and its content. You are allowed to print a copy of these Terms and Conditions for future reference.

VZG may modify such Terms and Conditions any time without prior notice, and your subsequent viewing or use of the site or its content in such case implies your agreement to the modifications. Such changes may be done in accordance with VZG’s business priorities. There may be additional Terms and Conditions governing your use of specific features, functions, applications and information available through These terms incorporate the Company’s Acceptable Use Policy, which expresses the allowable and prohibited uses of VZG and its content. The Acceptable Use Policy shall prevail over all other Terms and Conditions that are in conflict with it.

In addition, please bear the following terms in mind:

  • Users of the website and its content must be 18 years old or older.
  • You shall be responsible for making sure that all individuals accessing and its contents are aware of these Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with them.
  • You agree not to sub-license or transfer any of your rights in any way under these Terms and Conditions. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is subsequently found invalid or inapplicable, its invalidity or inapplicability shall not affect the remainder of the provisions, which will continue to be in full force and effect. Failure by you or VZG to exercise any remedy or right under these Terms and Conditions does not waive that remedy or right.
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Use of VZG’s Content

  • VZG owns all of the intellectual property rights on the website as well as its content. Intellectual property laws and international treaties protect those rights and are thus reserved.
  • Your viewing and use of the site and its content constitute your agreement to comply with VZG’s Acceptable Use Policy
  • VZG prohibits copying or downloading any part of this website for public display or commercial purposes without the Company’s written permission. Doing so is tantamount to property rights violation and is prosecutable under the law
  • Copying or downloading of any part of this site for private or personal use may be allowed, provided that you will not alter its printed or digital copies and that you will not use any graphic material separately from its accompanying text. In addition, you must acknowledge VZG and the website’s contributors as the original authors of any material that you copy or download from and its content. Noncompliance is tantamount to property rights violation and is prosecutable under the law.


  • The website and its content were created with the sole intent of supplying general information and must be treated as such. You should seek professional opinion before taking any action based on any information that you acquire from this site.
  • You should not take any of the website content as medical advice. We advise, instead, that you always consult a qualified health professional when making decisions concerning an individual’s health.
  • VZG does not have any legal obligations to any individual who suffers from injury or property loss or damage resulting from any unintended uses of this website.
  • VZG makes reasonable efforts to bring VZG’s content up-to-date. However, the Company makes no express or implied claims that the site’s content is absolute, updated, complete, or correct.

User-Generated Content on the Site

User-generated content may occur in various parts of VZG’S site, such as bulletin boards and chat features. Take note also of the views expressed by the users in the following scenarios:

  • When uploading any material onto the site at, you agree to comply with VZG’s Acceptable Use Policy. You shall be legally liable for any loss or damage that VZG sustains as a result of any content you contribute that goes against this policy.
  • Except for job application portfolios, you agree that any material that you share on the site shall be considered as non-confidential, non-copyrighted, non-patented, and non-trademarked. You shall retain authorship rights, but uploading your contents on the site of VZG for any reason constitutes consent to allow VZG and users and visitors of the site to duplicate, save, utilize, and/or disseminate them to third parties.
  • If a third party claims privacy or rights infringement against any content that you shared on VZG, VZG reserves the right to disclose your identity to the said third party.
  • VZG reserves the right to delete any material that you post on VZG shall that violates the website’s  Acceptable Use Policy even without prior notice.
  • You agree that you shall be exclusively responsible for securing and storing your content.

VZG’s Liability

  • The Terms and Conditions governing the use of the site and materials contained on VZG hall apply in place of all conditions, obligations, representations, statements, terms, undertakings and warranties whether expressed or implied by common law, custom, statute, usage or otherwise, all of which are excluded to the fullest extent allowed by law.
  • VZG shall not be responsible for any loss or injury that you incur relating to the use of, dependence on, or inability to use VZG.COM, its content and/or user-generated content, in breach of statutory duty, contract, or tort (counting negligence), even if foreseeable. Specifically, VZG has no obligations to you if the following occurs to you from your use of, dependence on, or inability to use VZG.COM, its content and/or user-generated content:
    • Disruption of business and operations
    • Deprivation of business, profits or sales
    • Deprivation of projected savings
    • Diminution of any business opportunities, goodwill or reputation
    • Wasted payments
    • Any other indirect or direct forms of loss or damage
  • VZG excludes its liability for any response to the violation of these Terms and Conditions
  • Your viewing of VZG’s site and all its content constitutes an agreement to refrain from using the site for commercial reasons. VZG.COM's content is solely for private and personal use. VZG shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by you or your business from any attempt to use the site’s content for commercial purposes.
  • This does not except or limit VZG’s liability to you in the following events:
    • Death or personal injury to you resulting from the Company’s negligence or that of VZG agents, employees or subcontractors
    • Fraudulent misrepresentation or rights infringement by VZG agents, employees or subcontractors
    • Any other cases where it would be unlawful to do so.

Suspension and Termination of VZG.COM or Your Use of Its Contents

  • VZG reserves the right to suspend, restrict or withdraw the availability of all or any part of VZG.COM and its content for business reasons. VZG may, at its discretion, give reasonable notice prior to such suspension, restriction or withdrawal.
  • VZG reserves the right to restrict or altogether terminate your access to VZG.COM and its content without prior notice.
  • VZG is not responsible for maintaining any intellectual property content on VZG.COM or transmitting any unread messages to you or any third party.
  • Noncompliance with VZG.COM’s  Acceptable Use Policy is tantamount to violation of the website’s terms and conditions of use, for which VZG may take any or all of the actions below:
    • Issuance of warning to you
    • Abrupt denial of your privilege to use VZG.COM and its content
    • Withdrawal of any material that you have uploaded on VZG.COM
    • Court action against you
    • Disclosure of such violation to law enforcement authorities as the Company deems necessary or as required by law

Non-Liability for Malware

  • VZG takes reasonable precautions to protect VZG.COM‘s security. However, the Company does not warrant the security or speed of VZG.COM and its content once you use them. VZG shall not be held liable for any loss or damage you incur if your computer system acquires any malware resulting from any cyberattack traceable to VZG.COM and its content, including but not limited to adware, bots, bugs, rootkits, spyware, Trojan horses, viruses and worms.
  • You agree that configuring the electronic equipment and software that you use to access VZG.COMcontent and its falls under your hands. You agree that the use of malware protection to secure your electronic equipment’s integrity is your sole responsibility.

Links to VZG Website Content

VZG prohibits linking to or embedding any material from and its content if doing so violates the site’s Acceptable Use Policy. VZG reserves the right to delete such links and embedded material any time without prior notice.

VZG prohibits the use of its logo as a hotlink to VZG and its content without the Company’s prior written permission.

  • Links and resources that you find on the site provided by third parties are retained for informational purposes only. This does not constitute VZG’s approval of the linked websites or any material that you acquire from them.
  • VZG excludes all responsibility for any third-party content uploaded onto the site or for any third-party website content to which it links. Any contract that you enter into with a third-party establishment of a linked website will be solely between you and the said establishment. It shall also be governed by their terms and conditions, privacy policy and other applicable rules that they may set.