Venture Zebra Group

Customized FDA Consulting Services You Can Rely On

Stay abreast of all the developments in the ever-changing FDA regulatory world. Here’s how VZG can assist food, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies accomplish regulatory and standard compliance with the U.S. and Chinese agencies and organizations.

Business Development Solutions

Meet top-level executives of FDA regulatory organizations to discuss about business development opportunities

Business, Sales, and Marketing Strategies

Identify key business strategies that can help you gain competitive advantage over others in your industry.

China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA)/State Food and Drug (SFDA) Registration

Correlate your product design process with CFDA regulations right from the start to save you from unnecessary administrative rejections

Crisis Intervention

Prepare for or respond to critical situations with our expert assistance.

FDA Compliance

Market your products quickly and maintain your FDA compliance status.

Food Industry

Comply with and meet ISO requirements and standards to get certified in the food industry.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Determine beforehand the potential hazards in your production process that may affect not only the quality of your products but also your approval process.

Import, Export, and Distribution of Medical Devices

Get your medical devices imported, exported, and/or distributed to both the U.S. and Chinese markets without any delay.

In Vitro Diagnostic Device (IVD) Consulting

Make it through audits and have your in vitro diagnostic products brought to market quickly

ISO Compliance

Simplify and streamline your processes in order to significantly reduce your document approval cycle times.

Reimbursement Consulting

Secure the coding for, coverage of, and payment for your medical devices and keep your company viable and profitable.

Risk Analysis

Analyze and manage risks in the medical device industry so that they can be significantly reduced, if not eliminated, before they can have a negative impact on the safety or efficacy of your medical devices.

The 510(k) Marketplace

Fast-track your product development without going through expensive and time-consuming clinical trials.

U.S. Agent Services

Designate an experienced professional to represent you as your U.S. agent if you are a foreign-based company that does not have a place of business in the U.S.

Web Marketing

Promote your products across the Internet to reach more customers worldwide.

Comply with FDA Regulations More Efficiently with Our Expert Compliance Consultants.