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ISO Certification Consultancy Services

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a non-governmental international body that formulates the standards for quality, safety, and efficiency in business, technology and healthcare. ISO certification signifies that an establishment follows a quality management system and is committed to instituting further market-relevant improvements. It deepens the consumers’ trust in a brand, which guarantees revenue increases.

The employment of an expert ISO compliance consultancy team is indispensable in highly competitive businesses for several reasons. First, ISO certification is complex, and a misstep may waste precious time and money. Second, the issuance of the first certificate is only the beginning of a long and continuous process, as accreditation needs to be renewed on a regular basis. A long-term partnership with highly skilled ISO consultants gets a company certified with ease and keeps it updated with the latest standards for compliance. Third, a consultancy team makes ISO compliance information always available to the client and ensures that the entire procedure is done efficiently and free of problems. At VZG, our comprehensive ISO consultancy services are recognized as among the best in the industry

VZG’s ISO program offers the following services

Gap analysis

We provide a comprehensive review of a company’s current quality management system and determine those aspects that need improvement before ISO compliance requirements are satisfied.

Development of the project plan

We work with the client in formulating a suitable and systematic plan that will help improve operations and produce Total Quality Management (TQM). VZG’s highly trained ISO consultants shall assist in preparing dossiers for the company’s operating procedures.

Management of the project

VZG consultants will be on top of the entire venture and will keep the client apprised of its progress. Regardless of the size of an organization, our expert team will make sure that all of its units can meet their goals on time.

Quality systems implementation

VZG has formulated a highly reliable quality management system and an accompanying manual. Our highly skilled team of consultants can tailor this system to suit the client’s needs and help implement it. This is a time-tested strategy that has produced success in many certification audits. 

ISO employee training

VZG consultants will make sure that all the client’s employees are provided thorough ISO training. Participants shall receive teaching materials and certificates of completion. To help minimize costs, we can install a computerized instructional system to facilitate future ISO training requirements.

Internal auditor training

Our consultancy team shall train a select group of employees in the proper execution of internal audits. The program consists of didactics and hands-on practice. Participants will receive certificates of training.

Registrar selection

ISO third-party certification requires the selection of a registrar. VZG assists the client in this process by helping locate one with the right credentials and negotiate a price. We also aid in the accomplishment and submission of the relevant forms.

Pre-certification assessment

This service further enhances the likelihood of a favorable certification audit. About three weeks prior to the scheduled third-party accreditation, VZG consultants shall examine the effectiveness of the quality system to detect and address any deficiencies early on. If the flaw cannot be corrected within a reasonable amount of time, VZG shall help reschedule the certification audit. Moreover, to make sure that everything proceeds smoothly, we shall perform a shorter repeat assessment about two days before the actual certification audit.

Why Choose VZG?

A Reputation for Excellence

VZG has helped hundreds of clients get certified effortlessly over a wide range of ISO standards. We get a high volume of referrals from satisfied customers.

Comprehensiveness of Service

We provide ISO training, ISO consultancy and regular assessment of quality systems to ensure that your company acquires and maintains its ISO accreditation.

Value for Your Money

We focus not only on the certification process itself but also on producing genuine and continuous improvement. Our cost-effective, customized and innovative approach secures your path towards TQM.