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Professional HACCP Consulting Services

HACCP is a global regulatory system that ensures food safety through the investigation and reduction of biological, chemical, and physical hazards during processing, from raw material assembly to delivery and consumption of the finished goods. It focuses on hazard prevention, which is more cost-effective than remediation. A strong commitment to this concept gives customers a sense of security, which boosts business and investor confidence.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (or the US FDA) oversees HACCP certification. In China, the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (or the CNCA) administers the HACCP program. VZG consultants are recognized as leaders in HACCP accreditation in both countries.

VZG provides the following HACCP services

Instruction and training in HACCP

Our team of experts shall provide thorough in-house training in the proper planning and execution of HACCP.

Hazard analysis of your company’s products and operations

VZG will guide your staff in performing a hazard analysis of your products and operational flow. Every step in the process shall be assessed for potential biological, chemical and physical risks.

Identifying critical control points (CCPs)

VZG shall collaborate with your staff in determining CCPs and formulating measures that will help maintain food safety. A monitoring system will be employed to guarantee the effectiveness of such actions so that critical processes can be seamlessly managed.

HACCP performance

After formulating your HACCP plan, our team shall work with your staff to ensure its proper execution. We will make sure that it is well understood and can be demonstrated adequately by everyone involved. Furthermore, we shall assist your company in designing a plan that conforms to FDA or CNCA standards. 

Evaluation of your company’s compliance to the HACCP plan

VZG shall monitor the implementation of the HACCP plan on a regular basis. Recommendations shall be made to ensure strict adherence. 

Obtain direct guidance from the FDA or CNCA in crafting your plan

If so desired, our team will facilitate face-to-face meetings with the FDA or CNCA to strengthen your HACCP plan.

Comprehensive audit preparation services

Upon request, VZG will further expand its HACCP services to include the following aspects of audit preparation for your company:

  • Application submission
  • Coordination with the certifying body
  • Submission and processing of other relevant documents
  • Organization of the audit, including travel arrangements for the auditors and interpreter services
  • Optional pre-audit review by VZG consultants to ensure inspection-readiness

To represent you during FDA or CNCA audits of your HACCP plan

Once your HACCP plan has been accepted, regulatory authorities are expected to conduct regular reviews on its implementation. During the auditing process, our team will be there with you to ensure fairness and transparency and to work with you to swiftly address any concerns. 

Why Choose VZG?

Unmatched HACCP Expertise

VZG consultants have been in the business for more than a decade. Their experience is simply superior over the competition.

Attention to Detail

We guarantee diligence and make sure that each case is given individualized treatment.

High Level of Integrity

We are highly trusted by the FDA and CNCA because we handle all our cases professionally, and this allows us to work closely with these agencies while advocating for our clients.