Venture Zebra Group

Trustworthy CFDA/SFDA Registration Services

For organizations and medical suppliers planning to bring their food products and medical devices to China, VZG can help you register with the National Medical Products Administration (formerly Chinese Food and Drug Administration) and acquire an NMPA license to introduce and market your products. Years of experience in dealing with the Chinese market have enabled us to keep up-to-date with the relevant agencies’ requirements. Hence, from product development to commercialization, you can be sure that we will be able to provide you with vital strategic and scientific advice.

Why Choose VZG?

Local and Knowledgeable Experts

We have a team of local experts who can help you manage the demanding complexities of the Chinese market’s diverse regulatory requirements.

Long-Term Experience in Dealing with the Chinese Market

Our years of experience in working with the Chinese market have helped us to keep up-to-date with requirements and regulations in the segment.

Customized Registration Services

We can help you develop product-appropriate strategies, as well as the necessary documentation, for registering your device in the Chinese market.