Venture Zebra Group

Business Strategy, Sales, and Marketing

Well-Planned Business, Sales, and Marketing Strategies for Greater Competitive Advantage

VZG offers clear and well-thought-out strategies involving business development, sales, and marketing for organizations that experience tough and challenging business issues. We have expert consultants who are available to assist you across a number of business issues, including issues in the following areas:


  • Identifying and defining the market
  • Estimating the market potential
  • Monitoring and analyzing market growth
  • Understanding and assessing the competitiveness of the market, as well as the strategies of competitors
  • Creating and managing individual and collective strategies


  • Organizing sales
  • Designing sales compensation and rewards
  • Managing sales tools and support
  • Assisting with sales recruiting, training and coaching


  • Planning your marketing strategies
  • Enhancing marketing communications
  • Measuring marketing effectiveness
  • Conducting market research

Why Choose VZG?

Industry-Seasoned Consultants

We are fully staffed with expert and experienced consultants who have assisted executives and organizations in dealing with challenging issues involving business, sales, and marketing strategies.

Tried-and-Tested Systems and Approaches

Our years of experience in the industry ensure that we have developed the right systems and approaches that ensure your company’s growth and ability to retain clients.

Greater Flexibility and Scalability

By working with competent consultants like ours at VZG, you gain access to marketing strategies that are as dynamic as your business. You can also scale up or down without any problem, depending on your evolving needs.