Venture Zebra Group

Acceptable Use of Policy

Use of VZG’s Content

  • VZG.COM and its content are to be used for lawful purposes only. VZG prohibits the following:
    • Any use that violates pertinent domestic or international law
    • Any use that is illegal or fraudulent or will have illegal or fraudulent consequences
    • The intentional uploading or transmission of malware of any form, or material that contains it, that would cause damage to any computer hardware or software
    • The intentional transmission or acquisition of any unsolicited or unauthorized promotional material, including spam
    • Any use that seeks to harm minors in any way
    • The intentional uploading, downloading, transmission, acceptance, use or reuse of any content that breaches VZG’ Content Standards outlined below
    • The purposeful reproduction and/or reselling of any part of VZG.COM and its content, which goes against the provisions of the site’s terms and conditions
    • Damaging, interrupting, interfering with and/or unauthorized access of:
      • Any part of VZG’s websitefound notes and content
      • Any equipment and/or network that stores VZG and its content
      • Any software utilized in the provision L R\Eand its content
      • Any hardware, interface or software that is lawfully owned or used by any third party
    • Attempting to access VZG.COM and its content, the server on which VZG.COM and its content are stored, or any computer, database or server connected to VZG.COM and its content without prior authorization
    • Perpetrate a denial-of-service or distributed denial-of-service attack against VZG.COM and its content. Such a violation constitutes a criminal offense, for which VZG can immediately terminate your use of VZG.COM and its content, pursue legal action against you and disclose your identity to law enforcement authorities.

VZG.COM’s Interactive Elements

  • VZG shall not be responsible for monitoring or moderating any interactive element on VZG.COM and its content. However, if circumstances deem it necessary, VZG may, at its discretion, moderate an interactive element. If this happens, VZG may allow you to contact the moderator for any concerns.
  • VZG reserves the right to moderate any interactive content uploaded onto VZG.COM by any third party
  • VZG excludes all liability for any loss or injury to you resulting from your use of any interactive element that breaches VZG.COM’s Content Standards outlined below, whether or not it is moderated.

Content Standards

  • These contribution standards concern any and all material, wholly or partly, that you upload onto VZG.COM, referred from hereon in as “Contribution.”
  • You must comply with these contribution standards to the letter and in spirit.
  • VZG reserves the right to decide whether or not a Contribution breaches these content standards.
  • Job application portfolios submitted to this website are covered by these provisions.
  • A Contribution should:
    • Be accurate, if intended to share facts.
    • Be legitimately held, if designed to express opinions.
    • Not violate relevant laws in any country from which it originated or was posted.
  • A contribution should not:
    • Incite violence.
    • Defame any person.
    • Deceive any person.
    • Violate any person’s intellectual property rights, copyright, database right or trademark.
    • Promote unlawful activity of any nature.
    • Contain hateful, inflammatory, obscene and/or offensive material.
    • Intentionally annoy, embarrass, harass or upset any person.
    • Have any sexually explicit content.
    • Advertise or promote services or links to third-party websites except where VZG or its representatives have issued advance written authorization.
    • Incite discrimination on the basis of age, disability, nationality, race, religion, sex and/or gender preference.
    • Incite to the preparation, instigation and/or commission of terrorist acts.
    • Violate any legal obligation, such as a contractual obligation or obligation of confidence, which is owed to a third party.
    • Contain any material that is in contempt of court.
    • Advocate or instigate any person to commit copyright infringement or misuse of electronic equipment.
    • Threaten, abuse or invade a person’s privacy.
    • Contain material that misrepresents your identity or affiliation with another person or entity.
    • Contain material that indicates that you are impersonating another party.
    • Give the impression that the material originated from us if that is not the case.